Event spectra

On this page, particle spectra can be generated for the individual events in a selected event list.

Table and channel selection

When selecting a data table, the page reloads to display a species list and additional options. Selecting a particle species will again reload the page. In case protons are selected, an option is available to superimpose spectrum fits (power law in energy, exponential in energy and exponential in rigidity) on the spectrum plots.

Next, select an event list, which will result in a final page reload.

The energy scale for the plots can be set to logarithmic or linear. Press the Run button to generate a table with plot links for each event.

The event spectra are generated by accumulating the instantaneous values for each data record, multiplied by the integration in seconds, between the start and end times of each event, for each channel separately. The peak spectra consist of the maximum values encountered during each event, again for each channel individually. As a consequence, the peak values for the different channels may occur at different epochs.


The results are presented as a table with, for each event, the start and end time, and plot links for the peak spectrum and the event integrated spectrum. The plots are labelled with the event start and end times.

At the top of the table, links are presented to data files with the peak spectra and the total event spectra.

In the plots, the data are represented by black squares. The three fit functions (when selected) are shown with coloured squares; the fit functions are written out on the plot.

Last modified on: 29 November 2016.