Applying response functions to statistical particle models

On this page, response functions can be applied on the flux probability tables of a statistical particle flux model. For each probability level, the H and optionally He flux spectra are extracted from the model output and fed into the response function. If the response function includes heavy ions, the He spectra are folded with ion abundances in order to obtain the required ion spectra.

For a selected response function, the system investigates the list of flux models generated by the user, and provides a matching list. Flux models built using magnetospheric shielding will not be shown in the list if the response function includes heavy ions.


The first output consists of a table and plot of the selected radiation effect quantity as a function of mission length. For an SEU response function, the integral LET spectra are also output for the selected confidence level.

The second output provides the probability table of the effect quantity in the form of a model file, a plot and an HTML table.

All outputs can be downloaded as a zip archive.

Last modified on: 25 October 2017.