This page presents an overview of all entities created and stored in the database by the current user: Hovering the mouse over the descriptive columns will bring up more detailed information where applicable.


The last column in each table contains a number of action icons, which are activated by clicking on the icons.


This action opens a pop-up window with a description of the selected entity, and a summary of the input parameters used to generate it. Where applicable, hyperlinks are provided to other entities used to generate the entity being viewed (e.g., a link to the event list used to generate a statistical model). File and plot links are available where applicable.


This action deletes the selected entity from the database. The user has to confirm the delete action. All entities depending on the selected entity will be deleted as well!

Warning: this action is irreversible!

Users are encouraged to delete entities when they are no longer needed in order to free up space in the database.

Last modified on: 29 November 2016.