Table copying

The data tables in the SEPEM database are organized into three categories:
  1. raw data tables: these are the original data as retrieved from the internet, after some pre-processing and meta data formatting;
  2. reference and standard data tables: further processed data which have been constructed during the SEPEM project (e.g. the reference datasets);
  3. user data tables: data tables created by users with the tools available on the server.
The different types of data tables are protected by different access levels: raw and standard data tables are visible to and can be copied by all users; user data tables are only visible to the user who created them. Actions that modify data tables are only allowed on user data tables, by the creating user.

On this page, a raw or standard data table can be copied into a user data table for further processing. After selecting the source table, the page reloads with additional options and selections:

Once all selections have been made, press any of the Copy Table buttons to start the creation of the new table. Once completed, the new table will be available for all models that require a data table. An entry is also added on the current user's My SEPEM page.

Last modified on: 14 December 2018.