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Welcome to ESA's Solar Energetic Particle Environment Modelling (SEPEM) application server, a WWW interface to solar energetic particle data and a range of modelling tools and functionalities intended to support space mission design.

The system provides an implementation of several well known modelling methodologies, built on cleaned datasets. A large number of datasets have been combined into an SQL database for easy access. SEPEM also gives the user increased flexibility in his/her analysis and allows generation of mission integrated fluence statistics, peak flux statistics and other functionalities. It also integrates effects tools that calculate single event upset rates and radiation doses for a variety of scenarios; the statistical methods can further be applied to these effects parameters.

Furthermore, SEPEM makes use of a newly developed physics-based shock-and-particle model to simulate particle flux profiles of gradual SEP events from Mercury to Mars orbits [SOLPENCO2, SOL2UP].

A contiguous reference proton data set was constructed using data ranging from 1973 to 2015, by means of data cleaning and processing tools available on the server. Using this dataset, a reference event list was constructed and also made available on the server.

An extensive set of help pages is available, including background material, information on the datasets and processing, and context sensitive help for each application page. Please consult the help pages before using the system!

Use of SEPEM is free of charge, but registration is required and can be done from the homepage using the link at the bottom of the left-hand menu. For further information please contact N. Crosby. Please consult the server usage help page before registering for an account: registration implies acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined there.


The European Space Agency remains the exclusive owner of all rights of the SEPEM software.
All publications and presentations using data obtained from this site should properly acknowledge the service.

ESA Contract Nos: 20162/06/NL/JD, 4000107025/12/NL/AK, 4000114116/15/NL/HK +, 4000108377/13/NL/AK, 4000115930/15/NL/HK
Project Managers: Norma B. Crosby, P. Truscott, D. Heynderickx
IT Development and Data Processing: Daniel Heynderickx, Pete Truscott, Fan Lei, Athina Varotsou, Ingmar Sandberg
ESA Technical Officer: Piers Jiggens
SEPEM is an initiative of ESA's Space Environments and Effects Section.
SEPEM Team Members and Names of the Consortium

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A. Aran, N. Crosby, D. Heynderickx, P. Jiggens, F. Lei, B. Sanahuja, I. Sandberg, P. Truscott, A. Varotsou

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